On Plants and Planets

Emanuele Coccia in conversation with Alfredo Thiermann, Sara Alberani

and Annika Handerson

May 27, 19:00 hrs.
Villa Massimo - Studio 8

Architect Alfredo Thiermann will present his work collaboratively done at Villa Massimo with Michelle Gravel and
Johanna Unzueta. Reutilising materials and knowledge of previous works, Alfredo concentrated his time in Rome on studying, sceding and growing plants in his studio to later weave them in dialogue with Rome's ecosystem.

Accademia Tedesca Roma
Largo di Villa Massimo, 1-2
00161 Roma

Jorg Sieweke

Olga Martynova

Jan Liesegang

Paola Pivi - Jonathan Meese

Matthias von Ballestrem

Via Lewandowsky

Eli Cortiñas


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